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Hiroshima: Ground Zero by William T. Ayton

"Hiroshima: Ground Zero", 2004, acrylic on masonite, 12" x 9". Collection of the Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel.

The original image (below right) was created for and published in the New York Times Op-Ed section for Monday, August 6th, 2001. It illustrates an essay by Nikolay Palchikoff about the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, its aftermath and consequences. This is the new color version.

The original drawing underwent several transformations before arriving at the final state. Thanks to Peter Buchanan-Smith and the editors at the New York Times for their creative input.


Archived Pages:

Small Works on Paper, a show of small paintings and drawings shown at Alternative Books, Kingston, NY, in June 2005.

Alison Wines show from Nov-Dec 2002 (mostly paintings).

Cyclops and Medusa — a book of artwork and writings (co-written and edited by Ayton's wife, Diana Ayton-Shenker).

Gallery of published works.


We'd like to thank the following people:

Diana Ayton-Shenker, for her love and support.

Stevan Jennis, Pat Kilgore, Ken Kerbs, Jeanne C. Finley, Ami Jah, for photographic help and advice over the years.

Tony Robertson (here's a link to his Steranko site -- Jim Steranko was a childhood idol of Ayton's, creating revolutionary work at Marvel Comics). There's also a review Ayton wrote of Steranko's "Visual Theory" and a piece on his visual novel, "Red Tide". Also, Ayton's homage to Steranko.

Hiroshima: Ground Zero from New York Times by William T. Ayton
"Hiroshima: Ground Zero"
2001, ink on paper, 6.4" x 7.3".
Hiroshima: Ground Zero 2009 remake by William T. Ayton
"Hiroshima: Ground Zero"
2009, ink on paper, 23.5" x 18".




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